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Activists Across Latin America Are Marching in Solidarity With 'Black Lives Matter' Protests in the

From Panama, Colombia, Brazil, and El Salvador to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico, here's how Afro-Latino activists are uniting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in memory of George Floyd.

It was a powerful sight — the words "Black Lives Matter," inscribed above a large Black power fist, were projected against the side of Costa Rica's legislative assembly building Tuesday night.

It was one of many acts across Latin America over the past two weeks, not only in solidarity with Black lives in the U.S. but also with Black communities in their home countries, where Black people are also targets of state-sanctioned violence.

Hashtags in support—including #NoPodemosRespirar! #LasVidasNegrasImportan! #NoAlRacismo #SoyGeorgeFloyd (We Can't Breathe, Black Lives Matter, No to Racism, and I am George Floyd)—have been spreading through social media as Black Latin Americans have joined in marches and protests, virtual and in-person. "The bullet that kills there is the same one that kills here," Brazilian group ColectivoJuntos posted on Instagram June 5, in a call for a global fight against racism.

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